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Employees Survive an Unprecedented Attack on Their Rights, Privileges, and Protections!!!

We all should take a moment to rejoice. The attacks against Federal Employees, and the Unions that represent them, have been relentless.  But, due to the diligent effort of thousands of dedicated members like yourself, we just managed to successfully overturn some of the worst of these attacks.

However, we must also realize that this was only one battle, and the struggle is not over.  There is much work to be done in order to reverse the damage that has already been done, and prepare to confront the attacks we know will be coming.  The attacks have been a wakeup call for Unions all across the Country, and the result has been a long overdue Awakening of Solidarity.  This Awakening, and the movement that grew from it, is what brought us our recent victory.  But, our victory is also going to result in increased attacks from the other side as they desperately try to hold on to the advantages that they’ve enjoyed over the past few years.   They have been able to attack with impunity, as we’ve put up little organized resistance.  We can’t allow that to happen again.  We must ensure that all government employees understand what Union busting truly means for them and their basic rights, privileges, and protections.  We need to make sure the public hears about the hard work that government employees do on a daily basis in order to provide critical services to every member of the American public.  We must Unify like we have never unified before.  We must add even more members to our ranks.  We must all stand together and speak with a voice so loud that the agency heads and lawmakers won’t possibly be able to ignore us.

We have shown collectively that we will not die from the disease of intolerance and apathy.  The past few weeks have shown our mettle.  We encountered adversity, and together we rose from it holding each other up.  During these most difficult times, we have grown and emerged stronger than anyone could ever have imagined. We are our own best advocates, and as both employees and members of the public we must share with everyone we come into contact with, employee and client, that we all have a stake in this battle.   Though we are living in fearful times, that fear is what pushed us to survive, grow, and adapt.  Let us continue to stand shoulder to shoulder against the storm - and rise

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